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Photography is about connections. It's the way you feel when your newborn snuggles against your chest. Or your child smiles at you. It's about the giggles still ringing in your ears. And about love. These are the connections that sustain us, that tug at our heart strings. And Bellepoq Photography is here to capture them all...

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The "D's"

I love kids. I mean, when you live with 6 of them (3 of my own) you have to love them... But it couldn't be more true. I love interacting with them. I love how their minds work. I even love talking about video games with them (yes, I have absorbed quite a bit about the gaming world from my boys). The latest family I shot brought me so much joy. I felt like a kid myself. So here are some pictures of this wondrful family. With an awesome, minecraft-loving boy (who does NOT have a girlfriend, by the way). LOL I hope you enjoy!!!

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Julia Cotrim said...

que espetáculo de fotos filha minha! soooo proud of you! love you!