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Photography is about connections. It's the way you feel when your newborn snuggles against your chest. Or your child smiles at you. It's about the giggles still ringing in your ears. And about love. These are the connections that sustain us, that tug at our heart strings. And Bellepoq Photography is here to capture them all...

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Story of Angela & Edward

So,  we met at Walmart. I was shopping for home made pizza ingredients for my friends birthday and he was shopping for an iPod for his daughters birthday. He normally shops at the Walmart in Elizabethtown but for some reason ended up in the Radcliff store.

He was coming from the back of the store and I was coming out of produce and ended up behind him.  He did a double rake when he looked at me :). Like he knew me

He got in line and I started to get in line behind him but I got cold feet because  I knew he was going to talk to me.   I went to the next lane and he followed. He said my line was shorter ;)

He started talking to me about whether I thought an iPod was a good birthday gift and we just kept talking.  I got checked out and was ready to leave and I realized that he was not going to ask for my number and I remember thinking that he was just so nice and I wanted to see him again so I asked him if he wanted to "hang out" or something 

He said "what do you mean by that". And I said "dinner or something". We exchanged numbers and he texted me about an hour later.  We texted for about thirty minutes and then he called.  It was about a month before we actually went out but we talked about every night for the first couple of weeks and then he quit calling.  So I just figured he wasn't interested and then Zachary asked about him and I told him that he quit calling. To which Zach replied,... "Just call him mom",  so I did and what had happened was he had got cold feet.  We made plans for a first date. A football game in Lexington and we have been together ever since.   Happily ever after !!!!

Camp Carlson, KY Wedding Photos by Bellepoq Photography
Bride's Gown and Bridesmaid's Dresses purchased at Bridal Warehouse
Catering and Cake by Ruth Whelan

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